Quantity Based Calculators

Quickly add calculators for area, perimeter, volume, weight or rooms to aid your customers and increase sales

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Quantity Based

Quantity based products are products sold by area, perimeter, volume or weight.

  • Area - tiles, turf
  • Perimeter - picture frames
  • Volume - top soil
  • Weight - coffee


Our calculators use the calculated value to set the quantity required by the customer

  • Area - Length * Width
  • Perimeter - 2 * Length + 2 * Width
  • Volume - Length * Width * Height
  • Weight - Weight
  • Room Calculator - Area per room

Increase Sales

Our calculators already offer customer convenience, but shop owners can also increase sales by setting overage to account for wastage and errors.

Release Plan & Cost

We are currently in beta-mode on our first area based calculators - if you would like to join or arrange a demonstration please email contactus@dimensioncalculator.com

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